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When all fashion is said and done, there is not much easier to outfit than a jumpsuit. Edgier than a dress and unquestionably more practical (us modern women need to be prepared for anything). Admittedly the practicality rating takes a hit when it comes time to visit the bathroom, but as long as you plan on doing your business away from the company of others this shouldn’t be an issue.

On a topical note, the practicality and wearability of clothing is often sidelined when fashion week comes around, as street-style stars take centre stage and the most otherworldly and often most impractical outfits get the most media attention and social media shares. Fair enough, it is a spectacle, and I won’t deny that I love perusing Phil Oh’s street style pics, and a plethora of others. But I always find I get the most inspiration from the outfits that are actually wearable. Take the recent vogue article for example, which posed the question of whether the best street style outfit of Paris Fashion Week was a simple jeans and white t-shirt combo. Proof that simplicity, when accessorised appropriately (and with restraint), can stand out from the crowd and look altogether fashion week chic. Not that my jumpsuit is quite as restrained, but I do believe it lives in the same space – uncomplicated and not overdone – sometimes these can be the unsuspecting winners.


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